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  • Ric Ocasek Produced Possum Dixon's New Sheets
    When The Cars singer Ric Ocasek passed away last year many talked about his work with his own bands and producing other groups like Weezer (Blue Album, Green Album, Everything will be Alright in the End.) He also produced the last Possum Dixon album in 1998 that has a couple catchy songs that went under the radar. I remember the band’s earlier songs getting most of the radio airplay but felt these ones should have gotten just as much.
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  • Dishwalla - Until I Wake Up
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    I like this sleepy ballad from the singer of Dishwalla called “Until I Wake Up.” The band was somewhat of a one-hit wonder I guess you could say but like many 90s one-hit wonders they also have a lot of great deep cuts. Their hit was “Counting Blue Cars” that you still hear being played today. One of their greatest tracks “Until I Wake Up” was a non-album B-Side. The people who bought the full album didn’t hear that song.

    It was re-recorded for their second album that no doubt sold far less. That 1997 version is great but this one from 2016 on the singer’s solo album works so well stripped down to orchestra and acoustic guitar. I often listen to it before going to bed. Dishwalla had a number of notable albums past the 90s. “Opaline”, “Dishwalla” and even “Juniper Road” (that features a different lead singer) are all great albums.

    JR Richards - Until I Wake Up (Official Video) Original Singer/Songwriter DISHWALLA
  • Three Fish in Solitude and Robbi Rob's Tribe After Tribe
    With the seclusion people are in at the moment I keep thinking of “Three Fish” and the opening song from the first album “Solitude.” The album is part music part spoken word poetry. The tale of the Three Fish is intersperesed between the music. When I listen to the album now I can hear the influence of the band “Low.”

    If you haven’t heard Three Fish the music video for “Laced” is a great place to start. The singer’s other band “Tribe After Tribe” has some notable songs as well (The Lovers Part 1, 2 (and 3), Build a Subway (the live version), The Mode.
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  • Lotta Stuff, Whoever You Are, and Mach 5
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    When I was taking driver’s ed in school Geggy Tah had a hit about a fellow driver letting him change lanes (“Whoever You Are.”) The band called The Presidents of the United States of America also had a track "Mach 5" which looks like it was about the speedtracer car.

    I really like the opening song from that Geggy Tah album and it’s sporadic time changes and singing (“Lotta Stuff.”) I’m a sucker for songs that will change from one thing into something completely different all of a sudden!
  • Yes - I Am Waiting
    I have to add one more 90s Yes song which was released a few years before the album I mentioned in the last post. “I Am Waiting” from “Talk” is the most gorgeous song they ever put out. The last album with two lead singers Trevor does a great bridge and Jon delivers those delicate hushed verses. The seven and half minutes goes by way too quick!
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  • MxPx - Move to Bremerton
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    This song about a local town that was a ferry rid away from Seattle was being played on local radio stations. Reminds me of taking the downtown Seattle ferry to my grandparents where we would sometimes drive by Bremerton area.
  • Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
    I heard someone talking about there being a new version of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” when waiting in line for a concert last year. I knew there was a new Lion King movie out but I didn’t consider them remaking the soundtrack as well (which I guess should have been obvious to me.) I couldn’t imagine someone else taking on the Elton John hit becaues that song, especially the vocals, are perfect. Then I realized it was a redo of the multi-singer version used for a scene in both movies. It does a good job as a replacement for that but I am glad no one bothered touching the longer version Elton did!
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  • Soundgarden - Tighter & Tighter
    The band’s follow up to Superunknown. According to the notes from the Super Deluxe Edition at one point they considered making Superunknown a double album. In some ways it was understandable as killer tracks like “Tighter & Tighter” had to be cut to fit it on a 70 minute single CD that they would eventually go with.

    Instead the song made it onto their next LP “Down on the Upside” and there is a good case to be made that it was the strongest track on a very strong album. Perhaps my favorite guitar solos from any Soundgarden song are on this track. After making three good choices for singles they chose to make “Ty Cobb” the album’s final single instead of “Tighter & Tighter.” They broke up soon after that while the album was still high on the charts.
  • Pearl Jam Gigaton (2020 album)
    I have only had a chance to listen to the new Pearl Jam record once so far. Their longest album surprised me. I wondered why some of their albums (like Yield) were not about five songs longer. Binaural chopped some five to seven songs off of it (that can be found on their odds and ends collection “Lost Dogs.”) When I listen to the album on my phone I usually opt for adding most all those tracks back into the mix. This album was different in that I first heard it in bits and pieces and not as a whole. It works much better listening from one track to the next in order.

    Besides album length my other criticism with some of their records is that a slow song kills the momentum of the track list . “Parachutes”, “Off He Goes” that should belong closer to the end of a record or on a slower album like an Eddie solo record. Gigaton has four slow tracks as the album closes where it belongs. Now the band just needs to spend their quarantine time making a studio version of the song “Of The Earth.”

    This great photo comes from
    nosey_records IG site. He has his kid display his records in fun ways! Great profile to follow.
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