From a home video Instagam

to a broader retrospect of growing up

This project just started out as a place to store my home videos...

without a whole lot more thought put into it beyond that. As the lockdowns took place I ended up investing a lot more time into it than I would have if they didn’t happen. It started out on an Instagram account ( and I gradually began to realize that the photo sharing site is a pretty good platform for doing short form blog posts as well. I always planned on starting a blog but that extra work I knew it required kept it in the "do later pile." Over the years I kept moving into other major endeavors like re-entering school or learning video editing and the blog just seemed far out in the future.

With my new Instagram account over time I started applying less hashtags to my posts and realized just how much of that space could be reserved to mini-blogs. After several months I started extending the length of my posts to bleeding in to the comment section. The social site's 2200 character limit was beginning to not do the job for some of the more elaborate things I had to say.

A restriction can be good as it makes you consider what really needs to be said and ask "is there any fat which can be trimmed?" On this website I often used those short ports as my starting point and then grouped them into one webpage. Or perhaps I would incorporate a person's insightful comment.

As the months went by it became obvious that not everything fit in a 2200 character Instagram post.

The new blog grabs the baton from the corresponding Instagam account

Twitter is a bit too constrained for most of what I post. Facebook tries to be too many things and the followers are completely random in their interests. I feel that it tries to more people instead of the right followers. YouTube is just starting to get into photo and text entries but those features are only available for a very limited number of content creators. I made longer vlog videos on my channel but the amount of time that goes into shooting, staging and editing prevents me from doing too much more of that. I can do blogs a lot faster so that fits into my schedule better. I have plans for more video entries but that will mostly likely be a little further down the road. Just getting the website up and running and making regular edits is enough of a task.

The content is going to be much broader than just a nostalgia site.

I want this content to also have some grounding to where we are in the present. In 2019 a muscian I grew up with at youth events put out an album of his life as an adolescent. The influenced me about that album (Phoenix, by Pedro The Lion) is that it shows the child's point of view but also his adult understanding of those events looking back. I didn't consciously set out to be influenced by that record when starting this project but that happens when you listen to, read, or watch something a lot. It tends to come out in your own work. That he wanted the concept to be carried across many albums infused my imagination with where a collection of writings, videos, podcasts, shared content, and other media could go.

The reason this project started a 90s Instagram and then full blog was because: 1. That was the decade all our family videos were shot and 2. I have a love for 90s alt rock so that is very easy for me to talk about talk about haha! 3. It was both when I came of age and had a few of the biggest crossroads in my life. There will never be another decade when I was both a boy and a man. That gives it a special level of consideration that no one other decade can really have.