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Teens hanging on the couch
Cool Boys
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Looking Cool

The pages here have evolved a great deal since I last had a blog to talk about them in 2020. The fashion page uses a similar grid display at the top. What is really new is the bottom half with new slideshows, video and a page on hairstyle. I am glad to see this page start to do some justice to all the incredible styles.

Blind Melon music group to summerize my music section
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Making good use of advanced dropdown menus

I was excited to add new music style sections last year. I just love how the drop down menus split off into categories of different styles! I wish I had time to do more write ups so I could do more then just barely touch on everything that happened in these genres. I really like that slanted effect that was used on the Tribe Called Quest page and ...

Video clip screen shot from the movie after life
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Not Serious

I didn't have any ideas for blog posts on this page yet but I just wanted to prep it in-head of time so that it could be ready to go. I just upload a much more filled out blog for a different site. It is currently vastly better then what is here but the blog software I am using has so ...