So here I am starting two websites at once 😮‍💨

So here I am starting two websites at once 😮‍💨

During the days leading up to July 2020 I read an inspirational quote; “July is going to be a big month for you.” It proceeded to list many good things that would happen to me during that time. This kind of post I usually take about seriously as fortune cookie predictions but with nothing to do that Fourth of July as the world locked down I decided to believe what it said. Now in my mind some great feat was going to be accomplished merely due to the fact that the month changed from June to July. Most of the country was rethinking their lives and I used this as my push to get into a new line of work and refocus my goals.

As I worked for the next couple of months in 2020 there were successes and there were failures. In 2021 I threw my site out and re-wrote it from scratch. By July 2022 enough new writings came together to start a whole new website. I began to realize that the articles had an order like chapters in a book so I set out to look for a navigation system that could accommodate this way of moving from one writing to the next sequentially. While I wanted to advance my education in website design I wasn’t content in only accomplishing that goal. It could not have justified the amount of time and work that went into it. From extensive writing and re-writing, photo-editing, scanning, video-editing, research, all those extra parts expanded the work to taking two years to get both sites going.

I could have found a faster way to make a website but this hurried method wouldn’t have made it meaningful to me. The College I was going to offered a one year certificate but by going that route I would end up with only the web-design knowledge and none of my personal touch. That would have been so much faster but I am very glad I didn’t use my time like that. Without even realizing it I went back to my K-12 schooling approach where I would achieve one large goal over a multi-year time frame. It is about as long as what I invested into attending junior high or high school. The difference was that now this time the work is made up of what looked like disjointed efforts that were going nowhere. The amazing thing was it all started to fall into place without any real endgame.

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Family hiking in the mountains with friends.
Brother, Dad and Me in front of the ferry at Friday Harbor.

This article began on my 90s project. When it was over there I pointed out that there were so many rites of passage which happened in those years from elementary to middle school to high school to college. Each step along the way being markedly different. There was always something to look forward to and a new experience right around the corner. No other decade will I be both a boy and a man. All the other decades you are always just on one side of that fence. That is why I spent none of my time talking about those other eras. They just don’t have that unique impact on me the way this one did.

One of the things you just get used to in adulthood is just putting up with the doldrums of a pretty similar existence from year to year. To have had the lockdowns come and turn life upside down and break this stagnant boring system is fantastic. Most of the way life is supposed to be lived is excepted on poor reasoning anyways. I love the trill of getting to the end of a multi-year experience and feel like I have accomplished something like earning a degree or whatever rite of passage moment I enjoyed back then.

Fourth of July 2022

Fourth of July 2022

I don’t think I could have ever imagined this would split off into a second site and certainly could not foresee it going in an almost book-like direction. There are all kinds of work I have done over the years where no one would have said all my labor was connecting with them in any way. How wonderful that is happening on this site! People message me and say they like my content or they connect with my childhood memories that are similar to their own. This became one of my biggest markers of success!

For me to say yeah, I’ve got a little back on track again, I’m focused on this moment and doing what is the most significant thing for me right now at this point in my life.

You need to put focus in an area even if you feel the present conditions are not working that well. If I don’t know how I’m going to get paid for work or what my five year plan will be or if I will back to college or start a business with other creatives or move or travel more or, or, or… You just have to live for now. I wish I would have done that back then as well.

I made an audio introduction to the website earlier in the year to test out some of the podcast features. Maybe I'll try out a few episodes in the future who knows! I didn't plan on doing anywhere near what I am currently but I keep running skills that bode so well for what I want to move into.