So here I am starting a website…

It has been just a year since I started tinkering with some rough ideas. 2020 was a strange time to begin as it was for just about anyone in the world. Seems the country and much of the planet was rethinking their lives and work. I have always wanted to move more towards furthering my web-design and this opportunity was in many ways the perfect chance to do that.

During the month of July I read an inspirational quote stating “July is going to be a big month for you” and listed many good things that would happen to readers during the month. With nothing to do that Fourth of July moved this project into high gear… just one page. I said to myself if I commit to the manageable goal of making one page then I will have started. By having a single page making a second and third comes a lot easier.

As I worked for the next couple months there was success and there were failures. In 2021 it was getting clear to me after talking with people who knew my new webdesign software better then I did that a complete re-write of my site had to be done. So after putting it off as long as I could I started the overhaul around Fourth of July in 2021 doing many of the features I longed to in the past. This time I no longer had to compromise with a weaker feature set due to limited knowledge. That is something I strived for going back to high school days.

While I wanted to advance my education in website development I wasn’t content in only accomplishing that goal. It could not have justified the amount of time and work that went into it. From extensive writing and re-writing, photo-editing, scanning, video-editing, research into what was new to me, all those extra parts expanded the work from six months to what would go on to take a year and a half. If I did it the fast way it would be a fairly meaningless project. Taking that approach would not have fully culled together about five years of what seemed to be disjointed efforts. All this work is a little like when you attend Jr. High or High School for several years. You are trying to achieve a set list of goals while attending. Only that throughout the duration of this endeavor I didn’t notice that the work was related and would start to fall into place under one project.

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Family hiking in the mountains with friends.
Brother, Dad and Me in front of the ferry at Friday Harbor.

Why do this apart from skill advancement ?

There were many rites of passage that happened then that I didn’t think much about. When those things slow down in adulthood you start expecting those doldrums to become the new norm in what can feel like a never-ending cycle. Then when something unusual like lockdown happens every part of life gets eliminated and** the lack of those things becomes extremely significant**. In the 90s I went through so many different experiences from elementary school to middle school to high school and finally college. Each step along the way being markedly different so that life wouldn’t become stagnant. There was always some big new thing right around the corner. On top of all that variety there is no other decade that I will be both a boy and a man. Everything else I will always be on one side of that fence.

There was one line I omitted from my first trial version of this site which someone noticed I removed. It was regarding direct messages I started getting from followers saying how much they could connect to my childhood memories or how they liked my content. That became one of my biggest markers of success. The primary reason I removed it was because it embarrassed me. But I realized it was important for people to know about that part. There are all kinds of work I have done over the years where no one would have said the work was connecting with them. As I become an adult it startles me how many people wander aimlessly through life or give up and strive for more. Not just more for themselves but more for everyone their work may effect. For me to say yeah, I’ve got a little back on track again, I’m focused on this moment and doing what is the most productive and significant objective for me right now at this point in time. No more living for a perceived future. What you want in life generally doesn’t just fall into place. Life isn’t a waiting room.

I made an audio introduction to the website earlier in the year to test out some of the podcast features. Maybe I'll try out a few episodes in the future who knows! I didn't plan on doing anywhere near what I am currently but I keep running skills that bode so well for what I want to move into.