Pogs brief moment in the sun

In response to Cinemassacre’s (James Rolfe’s) video review this week about POGs being BS I had a few of my own thoughts about this brief fad. I always hear people say they are like Fidget Spinners but I don’t see many similarities. POGs had a collecting aspect to them which I think makes it compare better to another modern item.

Vinyl has seen a big resurgence due to the fun pattern designs. Those patterns remind me of the reflective and sparkly surfaces on POGs and Slammers. In both cases each item wasn’t just for collecting but they also had some type of use. Collector items like sports cards didn’t have that aspect as much. James wondered in the video how something could be so popular and just vanish within a year. I’m almost certain the adults started picking up that kids, even really little kids, were basically using them to gamble!

See James video of the flash in a pan early 90s craze. I also ran a poll on my Instagram to see if my followers agreed. Be sure to follow my Instagram if you want to be in other story polls!

Are POGs BS?