Project continuing to come into It's own!

When I started this project I had the lyrics to the song "Release" repeating inside my head; "I'll ride the wave where it takes me." No really direct plan and often times just writing down wherever came into my mind that very morning I got up. After a few months I went from adding a lot of posts to putting the bulk of my time reworking some of that old content. I watched films that I didn't know about at the time which could be incorporated into my writings of similar films. I like how I can compare three films in the same post and how instagram gives me just enough space to do that. It took me several months to figure that out.

I have seen more followers from other countries this month which really excites me as hearing from other diverse backgrounds of people enriches my own work. Likes and followers show me that I am doing something right but the feedback I receive can actually lead to more interesting posts. What a huge advance over making something like a book where you could put a whole year into something that you are not even sure anyone cares about. My very next post can be directly related to a conversation I just had in a direct message!