Seattle just got a new hockey team

We just had an announcement that Seattle will be getting a new Hockey team! I had great memories going to Seattle Thunderbird games as a kid at Key Arena. Pretty soon there should also be a new stadium which replaces Key Arena that was made in 1995. Key Arena was actually an update that was done around the same time (1999) as Seattle Mariner Stadium which I think is the city's best sports area. The new hockey stadium will be tough competition though as it will be in two buildings. The team's practice area will be built by tearing down a local mall I went to as a teen. Now the area will function more as a hub for Light-rail and you can watch them practice on your way to your next destination. Good marketing! I don't mind most of the stores being replaced as most the shops I liked to go aren't there. The Thunderbirds now play at ShoWare Center which I just visited for the first time last year. 🦑

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