New Instagram account partly about 90s style

The mushroom or bowl cut style had a lot of popularity among 90s boys so I wanted to make a whole account dedicated to it. There are not many good IG accounts for bowl cut examples so I opened an all new account to compile all the best selections.

Several of the photos required extensive edits as colors were often off a great extent. At nearly 50 posts so far it provides a good example of the different variations guys can do with this cut. I grouped some of the main styles in the stories section at the top. The different categories include; longer, short, parted and no part, dyed, coupled with facial hair to match the shaved part underneath, and tons of cool outfits to go along with the hair! Glad to see it get some followers right away. Hope it leads to more guys considering all the different ways they can work with the cut. Check out and follow the new page here.