The first year of running my account!

I originally uploaded similar content across other social sites but it felt out of place. After leaving school in 2018 I contemplated different projects I could pursue. I was considering going back to earn a web design certificate before 2020 happened. As I look back I can now see that it would have been too soon to re-enter school. This project unintentionally lead me to learn a lot of the same tools (Sketch app! Rapidweaver, Foundry, a little CSS, Capture One, etc) while also providing an outlet to write content. While I have had many ways to get my design work out I haven’t had much of a good outlet for writing.

For a while I tutored at my old high school and wondered if I should have kept doing that. In some ways I feel the writing aspect of this project allows me to do some of that kind of work except with more freedom. In a ways it’s more ideal if that makes sense. Anyway I am looking forward to where this all goes and whatever avenues it may lead to in the future!


First Day at Hale (with shadows edited out) copy