Retrospect 90s Life

A look back on a pretty awesome decade

After completing a series of continuing education classes in 2018 someone sitting

next to me at a concert asked what kind of work I would like to do. Due to there being a long time before the start of the show she kept drilling down what direction I was going in life. After giving her myopic answers like “these are the things I like to do and this is what I feel is the most important but I can’t really get paid to do this” she pushed back.

I wasn't doing the big goals I dreamed about and this is my course correcting. I started listening to a lot of Alan Watts talks and he has one where he says “find the thing you really want to do and do that. If you chase after money you will spend your whole life completely wasting your time.” “If you work at some thing long enough you will become an expert and then the money will follow.”

I write this after passing the one year mark of cobbling a few basic project ideas together. As I talk to people I am beginning to understand what this writing means. A couple weeks ago a follower told me that he could relate to many of childhood memories. That is the kind of connection I really wanted to make and haven't been able to do for some time. When I do graphic design it was always using another person’s writings to sell a product. I have done that a lot and it feels like it is coming up so short of what I should be doing. I have so much more to give then that.